My artmaking based on explorations on human and nature relationship. In this destabilized world, I strongly believe we need to get out the message that we have ground ourselves like trees, in order to find our sense of self, celebrate the fact that we are interconnected with all species, parts of the same web of life, and therefore also irresponsible for each other.


The interplay of both traditional and experimental art practices plays an important role in my art making as well as in my teaching. Exploring new techniques help me consider new ways of perceiving and responding to the materials I use and as a result, inspires me to discover different levels of understanding the medium.


My work is construction, self-discovery, transformation, and transmission.  It is influenced by the different cultural experiences to which I have been exposed and shaped my identity. I use paper pulp, beeswax, natural objects, LED lights as a medium to reveal my interaction with the outer world. 


The artwork I create is an integration of many different forms: installation, painting, mixed media, photo, video, allows the viewer to access the many different layers of material and meaning. Sometimes my project process based, and becomes an interaction with other artists and the public.


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