This project includes a collaborative video work engaging in the stories of Hungarian-Canadian artists based in Montreal, celebrating their work and connecting them through their roots. WANDERING ROOTS was part of the “PERSONAL STRUCTURES OPEN BORDERS” exhibition, hosted by the European Cultural Centre at Palazzo Mora during the Venice Biennale in 2017. Additionally, in response to the theme of the 57th Venice Biennale “VIVA ARTE VIVA”, a site-specific installation was constructed that incorporated transcriptions of the WANDERING ROOTS video stories in sculptural form, to be dispersed throughout the garden. In a symbiotic gesture that unites a community of artists within the natural environment, the trees will communicate and reveal the roots of our being, who we are and why we are artists. This installation event was taking place in the Giardini Della Marinaressa in Venice as part of the exhibition “THE ARTIST  WITHIN – BRANCHING OUT’, in collaboration with Venice Vending Machine & Marina Moreno ARTEMOTION from the UK.

In 2018 this project was presented at Mimesis 6 Contemporary Art Festival at the Banff Courtyard from National Art Museum Cluj-Napoca. Romania. The exhibition theme was a dialogue among artists about identities and migration.

The artist gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Quebec Arts Council, and the Embassy of Hungary,